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Of course you do. As would I.

So I’m going to tackle some of the biggest questions I’ve gotten so far.

If I don’t answer the question (or a few) you have in mind, please reply to any of your TWIC emails and ask away. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Who is Brand Mode for?

Brand Mode is designed for anyone who wants to be able to tailor the way industry leaders engage with their brand via

This group includes growing coworking brands, indie community leaders, industry vendors, thought leaders, and educational foundations.

Technically no, you do NOT have to.Β 

As brands get mentioned in the newsletter, Brand Profiles will be generated to congregate information and news about influential brands and their key people.

If you’d like to customize an existing or new Brand Profile – then you’ll need to activate Brand Mode – which is a paid service.

Brand Mode lets you customize the following on your Brand Profile:

No. Nope. Never. And here’s why:

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You do get quick-submit capabilities to share more of your content more easily, but inclusion is not guaranteed.

Marketing content submitted will automatically be rejected and you will be redirected to our other Partnership options like Sponsorship Slots or Positioning Campaigns.

Great question. During the beta, I’m testing price points to make sure every brand gets the tools, insights, and data that help them build stronger brands and more resourceful content.

Contact me and we’ll explore which price point makes sense for you and your brand(s).