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Alkaloid Networks is the longest-running independent coworking community in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more about us on our website, or visit us at 691 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE.

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馃憢 How to celebrate your alumni members’ coworking journey
Alkaloid Networks shared the member-inspiring story of Atl Bitlabs, who started with a shared desk, Expand 馃憞 and over 5 years grew to graduate from the coworking space into their own community hub.
Celebrating the members who grow from within your spaces is a fantastic way to celebrate coworking, and attract aspiring entrepreneurs and growing businesses into your space.

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馃巶 Alkaloid Networks celebrates 9 years!
Congrats Katharine! ICYMI: Alkaloid Networks is now the longest-running independent coworking Expand 馃憞 community in Atlanta!

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馃摐 What 8 coworking operators wished they knew before they started
We asked 8 coworking owners and operators, 鈥渨hat is one thing you wish you knew before starting your Expand 馃憞 space?鈥
Chris Davies (Uncommon) notes adopting a hospitality mindset, Lucas Langworthy (Greyduck Collective) recommends putting community building first, Chris Hoyt (The Pioneer Collective) reminds you to embrace slow & steady growth. Cynthia Dailey (ScribbleSpace), Colleen Moselle (Coco) and Erin Scarlett (Fountainhead) recommend being adaptable and expecting the unexpected. Katharine Chestnut (Alkaloid) and Alora Daunt (The Pearl Works) round off by highlighting the need to ask members what they’d like or want.

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馃儚 Alkaloid Networks turns 8!
Alkaloid Networks, one of the oldest independent, female-owned coworking spaces in Atlanta turns 8 Expand 馃憞 this week!

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馃弳 Competing and thriving in a crowded urban market
Andy Block shares a Q&A with Katharine Chestnut about how bootstrapped Alkaloid Networks is Expand 馃憞 thriving in a city with 9 WeWork locations.

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馃 The most critical hire for a coworking space?
The Space Crew, shares why community managers are such a critical and vital role for coworking Expand 馃憞 spaces, especially as the makeup of internal communities continue to mix between artists, creatives, remote workers, businesses and more.
Community managers strive to connect with members to help them grow not only their business but also as individuals. They are the key to a successful coworking space that creates a strong and productive community.

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馃挕 A reminder of 5 ways coworking supports members
Katharine Chestnut reminds us how coworking communities have emerged as huge supporters to moms and Expand 馃憞 other entrepreneurs out there who need a place to grow their business.
The post reminds us that coworking gives members community, space, a break, support and room to grow. Have you reminded your neighbors and local communities about what you give them recently? Why not?

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7锔忊儯 7 Years of creating community
Happy 7th Anniversary, Alkaloid! Coworking is the glue that keeps us together鈥攖hanks for supporting Expand 馃憞 local workers and businesses for the last seven years!聽

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Come join our friendly community working from 14k sqft. of beautiful space on Atlanta’s East Beltline.

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