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Optix is reimagining coworking software. Say hello to the all-in-one platform for flex space management.

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馃弳 5 Community Managers on How to Excel in Your Role
We (Optix) asked 5 of the very best coworking community managers in the biz, what does it take to be Expand 馃憞 an exceptional community manager?
Mitch Reiss from The Village Hive noted you should get to know your members. Suzie Gebrayel from Flex Coworking says you should foster inclusivity. Nicole Looney from Modus recommends creating an exceptional experience. Katie Cartwright and Elena Webber from Downtown Works treat each member like a friend, and build genuine connections.

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馃帹 Optix touches up it’s brand with new logo
Workspace management company Optix unveiled a refreshed logo this week, shifting from the logo Expand 馃憞 they’ve had since 2016.

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馃懜 How we built a thriving IRL community of women entrepreneurs
Elevate Coworking is a coworking space all about supporting women entrepreneurs in their mission to Expand 馃憞 have it all. Optix share five key takeaways from their conversation with Maggie Blackham on what it takes to build a thriving community of women. They were: defining ICPs, embracing pivots, extra added value, tech automation, and what really guides their space.

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馃懜馃徏 Empowering female leaders via workspace, a social club and more
Optix shares what it takes to create the next generation of female leaders with insights from Expand 馃憞 Mariska, Fay, Christa, and Fresh of Salon22.
With an opening line that reads "What if women finally had the kind of social club that men have had for decades?", this is a fantastic interview with a team passionate about creating space and support for the next generation of female leaders.

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馃嚘馃嚭 How this Australian indie brand embodies a hospitality mindset.
The Optix team shares how James Sledmere, co-founder at Hello Friend, is growing their community by Expand 馃憞 taking a hospitality-first approach to coworking.
Notable quotes are that "coworking is long-form hospitality", that spaces impact how people feel, and how "Hello Friend is about working near home, not from home".

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馃彙 Thriving in Small Town Coworking with Megan from Locally Known
Megan Cyphers opened Locally Known Cowork, the first coworking space in the small town of Sequim, Expand 馃憞 Washington with a population just over 8,000 people. The team at Optix share lessons she’s learned in opening a rural hybrid coworking space and advertising agency. In summary? Lots of educating, repositioning from luxury to necessity, investing in the little things, sources of inspiration, and that coworking can exist anywhere.

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馃帴 How to Grow Your Coworking Space in 2024: Acquisition – Live Webinar
Jan 17: Join Kia Rahmani, CEO at Optix, Jenna Macken, Customer Success Team Lead at Optix, and Adam Expand 馃憞 Hyman, Founder at KoWorks for a live webinar where they’ll be discussing the coworking marketing acquisition funnel and how to grow your coworking space in 2024 through a strategic member acquisition plan. All registrants will receive a recording of the event.

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鉀 Coworking + Golf Similators?
Learn all about golf simulator businesses, how they can ensure profitability and repeat business, Expand 馃憞 and the steps you鈥檒l need to take to make your golf simulator business stand out.
WTF has this got to do with coworking? Well nobody wants to rent the space in the basement, or under the stairs, or with windows facing the back of hideous building across the path… but Golf Simulators don’t care about any of those things.

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馃帳 How one hub is empowering artists to succeed
We sat down with Jason Jet and his superstar community manager, Nia Zhane, to learn more about Expand 馃憞 Grindhaus Studios and the journey to build an exceptional niche coworking space.
Nichification of flex space (and community support) is undeniable. In this week’s newsletter alone we see two glowing examples of businesses being built to support music producers and creators.

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馃摐 What 8 coworking operators wished they knew before they started
We asked 8 coworking owners and operators, 鈥渨hat is one thing you wish you knew before starting your Expand 馃憞 space?鈥
Chris Davies (Uncommon) notes adopting a hospitality mindset, Lucas Langworthy (Greyduck Collective) recommends putting community building first, Chris Hoyt (The Pioneer Collective) reminds you to embrace slow & steady growth. Cynthia Dailey (ScribbleSpace), Colleen Moselle (Coco) and Erin Scarlett (Fountainhead) recommend being adaptable and expecting the unexpected. Katharine Chestnut (Alkaloid) and Alora Daunt (The Pearl Works) round off by highlighting the need to ask members what they’d like or want.

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