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We believe the humans who work at coworking spaces want to do more rewarding work, and less sitting behind a screen trying to find, copy, and paste information. Syncaroo connects your systems and automates those tedious tasks – so you and your teams can get back to doing what’s important to you.

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πŸ–±οΈ Workspace tool gets new features to cut down tab-toggling
Syncaroo shared that their Assistant browser extension now includes on-screen "helpers" Expand πŸ‘‡ for LiquidSpace, Hubble, Deskpass, Tally and Instant Offices with development and testing already underway, and alongside multi-location space teams, for OfficeHub, Office Freedom, Workthere, NearU and Rubberdesk (UK).
These "helpers" browser extension (for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) expands their live-date sidebar functionality with on-page overlays that make checking and updating important information like prices, descriptions and opening hours faster, without needing to check any other tabs, sheets or dashboards.

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πŸŽ’ Hybrid work platform rolls out their 3rd party booking layer
The integration between Kadence and Liquidspace is now live, and helping organizations’ employees Expand πŸ‘‡ using the workforce management platform to book internal and third-party spaces to work and meet in. This follows the announcement from both firms in week 20, 2023, and included a full rebuild of the booking experience.
Expect to see more booking interfaces coming into other hybrid-enabling software, especially as implementation & integration timeframes are coming down, fast.

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πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ The utter ridiculousness of modern work
Joan Westenberg shares a fantastic summary of how infuriatingly ridiculous the tech stacks at some Expand πŸ‘‡ modern teams is. From a single message, tasks get done through 6 different systems and 17 databases, each costing the firm a bunch dollars per user per month – and burning any actual useful work time.
Sound familiar? In coworking businesses it can often times be worse. It’s why so many of us are working on automating how tech and tools speak to each other, so humans can get back to doing what they actually joined to do.

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⏱️ Platform ramps up engines already generating $3M+ for some operators
Alliance Virtual Offices are ramping up how they drive even more revenue from the 180,000+ Expand πŸ‘‡ businesses they actively service towards flex space operators. To do so, they’re integrating with Syncaroo to make managing listings, availability and bookings effortless.
Why this matters? As some operators are already making $250k per month from this channel, and Alliance are actively adding new revenue drivers – then any reduction in manual work around this revenue, drives up the potential profit for all participating spaces. Right?
Full Disclosure: I’m a cofounder at Syncaroo.

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πŸ€” Do we REALLY need an app for that?
Diogo Matos raises a valid point, with an interesting use-case, that not every tech solution removes Expand πŸ‘‡ friction for end-users. They point out that one space uses the call booth window as the ‘booking system’ instead of having a platform, calendar, or mobile app.
Now this is a topic I loooove digging into – given my day job is helping operators get all their workspace tech both working together, and out of their users way, at the same time.
Do we need tech for every little thing? No. Could writing on a board be easier? Maybe.. But a well-connected system, featuring say a screen for checking and making bookings QUICKLY, provides a better experience and far FAR more business-driving data. Better? Yea, I mean is Roberto’s 10am booking for today, yesterday or tomorrow? Are you sure?!

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πŸ€– Ready for the onslaught of flex GPTs?
Anthony Slumbers shared a custom GPT called Flex Office Pro, which promises to be an "AI guide Expand πŸ‘‡ to ‘The Skills to be a Great Operator’".
Whilst I can’t talk to the data this custom GPT is built on, or the kinds of insights/data it would have access to about your actual business, I can guarantee with 110% certainty that we’re going to see a WHOLE LOT of custom GPTs released for the flex space industry.
As always, experiment with AI tools and capabilities often, but don’t ever forget about the AI Elephant sitting in your boardroom. Also Anthony’s next cohort of his Gen AI course for RE people starts in Jan.

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πŸ‘ Still playing catching up after every day out of the office?
Syncaroo dropped a quick video teasing how Assistant turns catching up with new bookings, Expand πŸ‘‡ description or price changes into 1 click – and not scrolling through 10+ browser tabs or web apps.
Full Disclosure: I write a lot of the code that goes right into Syncaroo Assistant, and I cannot contain how excited I am about the ways in which operators in the beta are leveraging live data and alerts to be able to spend more human-time on tours, chatting with members and exploring new opportunities.

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🀫 Firm teases ‘evidence-based premium & sustainable workspaces’
Koba is coming out of stealth strong with a tagline of premium flex space ‘without the greenwash’. Expand πŸ‘‡ The firm aims to offer both landlords and businesses who ‘want to take a genuine lead on the planet and people’ with evidence-based sustainable workspaces.
The firm aims to reduce embodied carbon, taking it as seriously as operational carbon, and making reporting reductions simple. This will be done through circularity with regards to furniture and fit outs. They tease some other features like sharing opportunities, and offering total transparency, but I’ll wait for more info before diving into those.

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🐘 Tool helps flex space teams never forget important tasks
Syncaroo Assistant got an upgrade this week to introduce Alerts. The tool, currently in private Expand πŸ‘‡ beta, which already presents live data alongside any web app – now also gives marketing, sales, ops and exec teams access to customizable feeds of important changes across their business data.
Alerts also offer increasingly smart reminders for tasks that specific teams may need to then get done – and that’s just the beginning. How do I know? Full disclosure, I wrote a lot of the code powering Alerts in Assistant.

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πŸ›œ Why WiFi may be the best occupancy tracking method
Bryn Sadler from essensys digs into 4 different methods for tracking occupancy within multi-tenancy Expand πŸ‘‡ spaces, namely IoT sensors, access control, apps and WiFi data.
WiFi wins out because it "requires the least effort to set up and provides the most valuable insights that go beyond β€˜how many’ to β€˜who and where’ which is fundamental in understanding how to run a flexible workspace more efficiently."

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