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DenSwap helps forecast where coworking will succeed through data.

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⬇️ How low-rise conversions could become great coworking spaces

Craig Baute shares a case study about how Broadway Collective launched in a two-story mid-century brick building, whose floor plan and overall look was guided by Denswap data.

I think we’ll be seeing more and more of these kinds of conversions in urban and rural markets, alongside more bank conversions and other Main Street flex space offerings.

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β˜„οΈ Chains are spending up to 95x more on Google Ads

Craig Baute and the DenSwap team took a look at how 3 large coworking chains upped their Google Ad spend in 2023 from 2022.

Some takeaways: A lot of ad spend shifting towards meeting room keywords, which are more transactional so more spend-driven. The rise in spend can also be seen as a reaction to fill suddenly vacant space.

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πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Sneak peak of market research engine for planning coworking locations

Craig Baute shares a sneak peak of DenSwap’s market research engine for property owners noting that "The old CRE metrics of office vacancy, lease rates, etc are less relevant than before. Office is now a consumer product and needs a B2C research methodology. It’s about building coworking spaces where customers are and having the right culture and layout that fits their needs. This new dashboard and tool is a big step forward."

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πŸ’‘ Takeovers & franchising enquiries tops indies for first time

Craig Baute shares that for the first time DenSwap have done more feasibility studies for landlords looking to backfill ex-WeWork spaces or evaluate coworking franchises than independent spaces looking to grow. Could be a sign of shifts in the market, or an opportunity for indie brands looking to get creative with landlord partnerships.

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🏑 Who should be doubling down on neighborhood coworking?

Craig Baute pens a compelling argument why smaller coworking spaces that serve their immediate (15-min travel radius) neighborhoods are great bets for balancing risk and reward.

As Craig is both an operator of 3 such spaces through Creative Density, and a partner at DenSwap, I’d definitely dig your teeth into this piece if you’re looking to get started with coworking investing, or expand your coworking brand’s footprint.

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