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Re-launched in 2023, WorkBetter is the culmination of 20 years of experience providing flexible workspaces that empower small and large businesses alike.

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🏬 From 6 locations to 6 floors: the case for full-building coworking

After 20 years in the flexible office space industry, WorkBetter consolidated its six New York City locations into one full building of coworking space. While this move may seem counterintuitive, it was a strategic play designed to boost profits, streamline operations, optimize management, and enhance the brand’s member experience.

Fascinating to see a completely different type of strategic shift with regards to space, from multiple locations to one whole building, especially from an operator with two decades of operating experience.

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Started as Office Links in 2003, and rebranded in 2014 to Work Better. Relaunched in 2023 in Manhattan.

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