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馃嚭馃嚫 Office-as-a-service platform opens 36 private offices in LA metro
Codi, who continuously insists "it’s not a coworking platform" but always positions itself Expand 馃憞 as a "rival to WeWork" have announced that they’ve opened 36 flex offices across greater Los Angeles. The platform notes that they have leased 93k sqft for running private offices across Santa Monica, Culver City and Los Angeles with another 50 locations in the pipeline.
A reminder, Codi leaned heavily into "offices in other peoples’ houses", but seems to be pivoting back to managed private offices. Seems similar to Breather’s original model.

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馃巶 Dayhouse turned 5!

Congrats Jessica Erickson, Jen Luby and the Dayhouse Coworking community!

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馃 “Coworking is failing” says shared space co-founder
Codi founder Christelle Rohaut shares their thoughts in Fortune magazine about how both commercial Expand 馃憞 real estate and and "WeWork’s co-working model" are failing.
We can all (probably) agree that WeWork’s previous model needs work, but that their "latest bankruptcy filing represents an indictment of the coworking business model as a whole", I think not.
Do more people want access to private spaces? Yes. Do teams want more meeting and thinking spaces? Yes. Are corporations getting involved with, and allowing their teams to pick spaces? Yes. Can, and will, amazing community and business leaders around the world adapt to serve the changing needs? Again, YES.
IMHO: Coworking, with or without the hyphen, Christelle, is indeed part of the answer.

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馃敨 C&Ds fired following WeWont campaign
TechCrunch reports that WeWork have fired a cease and desist over to Codi following the latter’s Expand 馃憞 "WeWont" popup marketing campaign. The C&D cites the "unauthorized use and misappropriation of WeWork鈥檚 intellectual property, false advertising and Tortious interference with WeWork鈥檚 contractual relations with its member companies".
Christelle Rohaut fired back saying they’d done nothing wrong when they set up booths outside WeWork offices in New York and San Francisco informing companies that their space might be shutting down, or by setting up a "WeWork Relief Fund" to provide discounted offices to businesses affected by closures.
What do you think? The popups outside spaces reminds me of another campaign some flex space brand did once. Worth noting that Codi categorically denies that they’re a coworking company.

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馃椊 Fractional office co launches NYC launch.
Following the fractional offices trend we’ve been monitoring, Christelle Rohaut and Zachary Brown Expand 馃憞 share Codi’s launch of their HybridHQ product in NYC.
In short an office in nomad area of Manhattan, with 14 desks, over 2,150sqft, with 2 conference rooms, and 2 bathrooms is available for 3 days a week.

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馃暎 Booking platform adds part-time office offering
Tushar Agarwal shares that Hubble are adding a new product called "Part-Time Offices" Expand 馃憞 which lets businesses rent an office for just 2 or 3 days a week. Although this pilot is limited to 100 businesses, they do have plans to roll it out wider soon.
Trend note: As Justin mentions here, there is a growing trend of "fractional offices" bubbling up as we’re also seeing similar plays from platforms like Flexday in Canada, and Codi in the US.
I’m curious if these are shared between businesses, or still powered by the many flex providers who work with the platform. I’ll keep an eye on this for you.

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馃棑 Landlord-focussed flexspace platform shares 2022 results
Christelle Rohaut shares that Codi partnered with over 100 landlords to help them offer turnkey Expand 馃憞 spaces to their local markets. Interesting to watch more approaches to challenging the traditional office space lease, even if these options do/can compete with larger suites/memberships at coworking spaces.

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馃嚛馃嚜 Whitelabel flexspace operator launches in Germany
infinitSpace have announced their first project in Germany. The firm, who plans, launches and runs Expand 馃憞 flex spaces on behalf of landlords is launching the 5YN3RGY project over 4.5k sqm (approx. 48,437 sqft) with the CODIC Development real estate company.

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馃槻 Coding bootcamp + booking platform make on-demand partnership
BeachCoders庐 Academy (a web development bootcamp provider) has announced a partnership with Expand 馃憞 Flexspace. The latter will provide on-demand access to under-utilized U.S. commercial creative office space for in-person meetings, 1-on-1 trainings and small group coding sessions from where the former can upskill job seekers.

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馃し鈥嶁檪锔 Platform raised $16M to “prove we never actually liked coworking”
Christelle Rohaut announced that a16z led Codi’s $16M Series A round. The linked article puts the Expand 馃憞 platform in direct competition with the concept of coworking popularized by WeWork, to which I assume refers to the hot-desking/open-plan idea of coworking. The platform helps business get office space on flexible terms, and landlords can list available space so long as it’s at least 700sqft, has great WiFi, has loads of natural light and is available Monday to Friday.
My question is will coworking spaces with matching office inventory be welcomed/invited/wanted, or will this be a landlord-only play?

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