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PilotoMail is a mail management platform that creates recurring revenue streams for mailrooms through postal mail handling automation, and virtual mailboxes for the remote workforce. Check us out.

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馃摨 Coworking spaces are waiting for USPS to rise to their own challenge
PilotoMail share the challenges and frustrations of coworking operators like Peter Chee Expand 馃憞 (Thinkspace), David Adato (Downtown Works), Channen Smith (Venture X and Office Evolution) and Tamara Payne (Ensemble Coworking) who have been trying their hardest to be compliant as CMRAs.

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馃挕 3 ways to create a Virtual Office client-community
I’ve heard often that corporate and virtual office clients don’t always contribute to the community Expand 馃憞 of local coworking spaces. Rose Rivera from PilotoMail shares 3 tips for bringing Virtual Office clients into your wider coworking community.
As for corporate workers? That’s an interesting topic I’ll try find some resources on. Written one? Share it with us here.

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馃幆 Where to market virtual mailboxes
Virtual mail offerings are driving huge revenues for many operators, and have consistently done so Expand 馃憞 even through the pandemic. But how do potential spaces find you? Rose Rivera from PilotoMail digs into 5 ways coworking spaces can market virtual mailboxes.
Examples are shared for social media, content marketing, email campaigns, referrals and SEO.

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馃摤 Recent updates to the USPS compliance process
Sofia Stolberg shares some info about the new changes happening to the compliance processes of the Expand 馃憞 United States Postal Service. If you’re a coworking space in the US offering mail services to your members, def give this a watch to make sure you and your mail services stay compliant.

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馃摠 Guide for nailing a scalable VO offering
Sofia Stolberg shares a 22 page guide on how coworking and flex space operators can nail and scale Expand 馃憞 their virtual office offerings.
I kinda love PilotoMail’s (new?) tagline, "freedom from sq ft", as operators increasingly explore new revenue models and operating efficiencies that aren’t strictly tied to finite bookable space.

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馃摤 Virtual mailbox platform selected for AWS Impact Accelerator
PilotoMail were one of the 20 companies selected to be supported by Amazon AWS as part of their $30M Expand 馃憞 commitment to provide underrepresented founders with the resources, capital, and community they need to level the startup playing field.
The 8 week program kicks off this week in Seattle and closes with a pitch day in NYC (including the Nasdaq Closing Bell ceremony). Congrats to the Piloto team and the other 19 selected companies!

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馃 The stack landlords could use to add flex revenues into their buildings
Miro Miroslavov from OfficeRnD and Paul Stanton from Proptech Bankers put together a (longer) read Expand 馃憞 on how asset managers can leverage flexibility & tech to drive more revenue into their buildings.
Mentioned are lulafit, OfficeRnD, Valve, Syncaroo, LiquidSpace, PilotoMail, HqO, VTS Rise, Equiem, Brivo, Kisi, Sharry, SwiftConnect, essensys, IronWiFI, isofy and others. A useful list for both indie operators and landlords exploring/implementing flex if you ask me.

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馃摤 Why coworking and flex spaces 2023 goals should include VO growth
Sofia Stolberg shares how and why coworking spaces can focus on growing their virtual office Expand 馃憞 business in 2023. ICYMI: 40% of their coworking spaces’ revenue is made up by Virtual Offices and managing that is what led to building and spinning out PilotoMail.

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馃摝 Space automation gets deeper with mailroom integration
Syncaroo announced a sneak-peek at PilotoMail’s incoming integration with Nexudus, which goes into Expand 馃憞 pilot testing in December.
The two-way sync is the first public integration announced by Syncaroo within operating ‘core’ of flex spaces, and automates the transfer of member and charge data between the two systems.

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馃敟 Any burning workspace tech questions?
I’ll be moderating a very-techy and only-slightly-geeky panel at the GWA conference next week, ft Expand 馃憞 Ginger Dhaliwal from Upflex, Miro Miroslavov from OfficeRnD,, Sofia Stolberg from PilotoMail and Brian Sutherland from Yardi.
Whilst we’ll be diving through the past, present and future of workspace technology stacks, I have put out an open call for any burning tech-related questions from my network. Feel free to reply to the linked post, ping me a DM, or reply to the TWIC email to get your questions to me.

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Founded in 2021, based in Puerto Rico. Spun out of Piloto 151 coworking space, where virtual mail revenue quickly became 40% of their revenue stack.

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