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FlowSpace is a workspace booking platform for hybrid teams.

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💳 Booking platform adds price-match guarantee

Harry Wilson Halberg from FlowSpace share a recent price change that’s pretty interesting. They’re promising their app users to match the direct price of any space on their platform, plus a discount for purchases made with credits or through their subscription.

This is an interesting move as more and more booking/aggregation platforms shift their focus securing from supply to locking down demand.

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📲 Another booking platform leans into day offices

Hayri Demirçapa shares that FlowSpace have also added booking of private day offices to their platform.

This increasingly popular product type sits alongside ‘traditional’ flex space access, and next to on-demand bookings of things like meeting rooms and hot desks, and can be seen popping into more and more booking platforms.

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📲 Less than 25% of app users booked over 24 hours in advance

Hayri Demirçapa drops some interesting FlowSpace booking data. In 2023, they saw a 205% increase in desk bookings, with the average booking length being 6.5 hours for 1.7 people. Additionally over 75% booked less than 24 hours before arrival.

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📱 Booking platform pushes big new release

Hayri Demirçapa shares that FlowSpace has released a whole new version that enhances automation and addresses key pain points reported by users (people booking desks at spaces like yours). The update also introduces a new look for the brand and a neater interface.

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🗺 UK booking platform adds quick office viewing bookings

Ieva Dvilinskiene shares that FlowSpace added 3-min booking for office viewings.

Expect more innovation in the way people discover, book and pay for space across the whole flex space product mix.

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Founded in 2020. Based in London, UK.

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