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The Flexi Group is a collection of flexible workspace brands with spaces in 11 cities across Asia Pacific and Australia. We focus on providing beautifully designed workspaces so that you and your teams can be at your most productive.

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🀩 Who will be sharing insights on the first Undercurrents trend?

Seem the list of industry experts who openly shared their insights, warnings, pro-tips and lessons learned in our first 3,800+ word Undercurrent deep-dive?

They are: Antonette Benting from Workshop17, Kane Willmott from iQ Offices, Chris Edwards from The Flexi Group, Jerome Chang from BLANKSPACES, Justin Raymond from Flexday, Danielle Schindler from Engel & VΓΆlkers Work Edition, Jon Dweck from Space32, Amina Moreau from radious, Henry Burn from Hubble, Jocelyn Vincent from Landmark and Rafi Sands from Tandem. With thanks to Anne Olsen from The Shop Workspace and Kerry Charlick from Think Tank Cowork for helping with the proof reading

The first edition lands exclusively in the inboxes of TWIC email subscribers on Monday June 17th 2024. And the trend? Fractional Offices – friend or foe for coworking spaces?

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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Perth gets another flex workspace location

The Happy Workplace Group and Jamie Vine share that Liberty Flexible Workspaces is opening a new flagship location in July 2024.

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πŸ’š Firms announce strategic partnership to spur coworking health leadership

The International WELL Building Institute (the firm behind the WELL building standard and certifications) announced a partnership with The Instant Group to "encompass a range of joint efforts aimed at elevating health, including opportunities to advance innovative solutions to better support people-first spaces for all users of coworking and flexible workspaces".

An interesting announcement in principle, but I’m not sure exactly what kinds of joint efforts this will include. Will keep an eye out and let you know.

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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί What one CEO hopes to achieve on the board of the FWA

Jessie Glew, CEO at WOTSO, shared that their mission in joining the Flexible Workspace Australia board is "to change the rhetoric of long lease good, short lease bad" noting that the way we value office buildings is broken in wrongfully assuming that 1 long-term lease is more valuable (or less risky) than 100 short term members.

Yes Jessie, yes! We’re following along so we can share notes, setbacks and successes with other groups pushing for similar changes in other countries.

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πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ The Flexi Group opens 5th flex space in Bangkok

Chris Edwards shares that The Flexi Group’s Common Ground brand is expanding in Bangkok via a partnership agreement with Capstone Asset, and Central Pattana.

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Group made up from the merger of Common Ground, The Hive and The Cluster

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