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Getting geeky on how operators avoided 475 days of doom scrolling, where this newsletter lands and more.

A quick (geeky) break in our usual programming.

I’m still out taking a breather ahead of conferences, new releases and what is lining up to be a thrilling last quarter of the year.

Instead of curating news whilst I’m offline, I’m sending a pre-packaged bundle of love for all of you who make sending these newsletters so rewarding.

Below you can dig into 3 data sets from running this newsletter since week 30, 2020, namely where it lands, what categories are busiest and if these newsletter has saved subscribers 475 days of doom scrolling.

Thanks again,

Hector Kolonas

On the topic of newsletters…

On September 20 Cat Johnson is teaching a free workshop called “Create a Newsletter Your Members Will Love”.

Get actionable strategies, tips, examples and guidance.

You’ll leave with a new perspective and simple, clear next steps to create a great newsletter for your coworking space and community.

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🌎 TWIC is a global community

The newsletter now lands in inboxes around the world. Not only is this great for sharing knowledge and insights with more community leaders, but also means a lot more local stories get submitted for inclusion in newsletters.Β 

Together, we get to share and learn with each other.Β 

There’s definitely a lean towards regions where English is a popular language, but that has never stopped me from summarizing, translating and sharing news from other regions.Β 

If there’s any way I can make the newsletter more helpful in your country, language or business – pleaseΒ let me know.

πŸ“Š Newsletter topic spread.

Now, what kinds of content has actually been shared is quite interesting, at least to geeks like me.

Below is a breakdown of summary topics shared since February 2022, which is when I switched the newsletter over to the new curation system I’d built for TWIC.

The leading topic is definitely news and views from industry and thought-leaders, followed closely by market moves and my takes on what they opportunities/risks they could represent. Interestingly podcast episodes (Discussions), data-sets (Data) and tech updates (Workspace Tech) are pretty close in volume.

What are your thoughts on the category breakdown? Anything you’d like to see more/less of?

⏱️ 475 days saved for TWIC subscribers.

In a discussion with a few newsletter readers the other day, one asked “just how much time do you think the newsletter has saved coworking industry professionals so far?”. 

The question intrigued me on so many levels.

Not only do I loooove saving industry teams time (by helping automate the boring stuff), but it’s a fun maths challenge. 

So with a bit of messy whiteboard and excel maths, the number I came to is: 11,412.74 hours.

So just how exactly did I land up on 475ish days?

Well, here’s the maths:

First I had to assume it would take at the minimum 30 seconds of scrolling for each subscriber to find one of the links I shared. So I multiplied the number of summaries per newsletter, by the number of subscribers, and by the 30s saved. Adding up that result across 154 newsletters you get 41,085,870 seconds saved.

Accurate? Probably not.
Silly? Yes, definitely. 
Worth a TWIC subscription? You tell me.

About This. is a weekly newsletter summarizing the coworking celebrations, stories, market moves, tech updates, and discussions you may have missed.

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