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Week 28, 2021

This week we share how Dropbox leaned into coworking, Microsoft's Work Trend Index, the continued growth of an Indian coworking brand, bankers, lack of representation, tech news and more.

🎉 Coworking celebrations.

🎂 1628 in Cincinnati turned 5!

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📰 Coworking updates.

📦 Dropbox leans into coworking & coworking-like studios

Dropbox recently announced a new approach to their office space, implementing coworking-esque workspaces called ‘Studios’.

They also shared that they’re planning dedicated studios in major cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Tokyo and Tel Aviv with smaller on-demand spaces operated by partners like WeWork in other locations.

A fantastic example of the hub-and-spoke model being implemented.

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📑 “The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work – Are We Ready?”

In March, Microsoft release their 2021 Work Trend Index, doubling down on how 2020 changed work forever and how the opportunity now is for businesses to create or leverage workplaces where everyone can thrive.

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🇮🇳 Local coworking brand adds another 100k sqft in Kolkata.

Amit Ramani, CEO and founder of Awfis, announced that they’ve leased an additional 100,000sqft following the increase in demand for flex workspace in Kolkata. The firm also shared that they’re aiming to double their national footprint to 5M sqft in 2021.

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🔥 Banks in Germany dropping office space like it’s hot.

Bloomberg reports that banks across Germany were rapidly dropping office space, with more and more bankers working remotely. However Tobias Kremkau makes the very valid point that these bankers need not work from home, but could benefit from using professional coworking spaces near-home instead.

It’ll be interesting to see who steps in to make this easier, feasible and manageable for the banks, bankers and workspace operators.

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📜 Improving representation at industry events.

The July 2021 Coworking IDEA challenge is to tackle the underrepresentation of diverse speakers and leaders at industry events.

With so many talented, capable and qualified individuals who have yet to grace the stages of coworking events, Jerome Chang and Shervonne Cherry share some tips on how to tackle this challenge, some templates to help boost representation, and will be crowdsourcing a list of diverse speakers.

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🎒 Coworking space embraces (and celebrates) digital nomadism.

Iulia Vasile a freelancer who works remotely, and blogs about it, shares a thorough review of ‘Bansko Nomad Fest 2021‘, hosted by Matthias Zeitler and the Coworking Bansko team.

A fantastic example of creating a long-term community for traditionally short-term members.

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🥒 Is this the opposite of coworking?

Love this video shared by Simon D’Arcy about how Cucumber offices helps small teams (5-10 people) find, lease, fit out and run ‘cool little offices’. Their approach to private flexible space is an interesting twist, and something they call ‘grow-working’.

Excited to see how this fits into the flex workspace puzzle.

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💻 Coworking technology.

🙈 Avoiding double-bookings, without triple checking everything.

How Syncaroo‘s upgraded data-syncing infrastructure helps workspace operators avoid double-bookings, without all those manual triple-checks.

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🗺 3rd-space aggregator pivots to HR tech with hybrid work OS.

Kettle Space, the NYC-based company that was one of the early players in turning restaurants and bars into bookable day-time workspace communities, have announced that they’ve semi-pivoted into HR tech.

With the release of Kettle OS, which pairs with their network of spaces, employers can manage remote models.

Although this was announced in May, it’s only just made it into my inbox.

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📑 Report: Proptech Adoption in Asian Real Estate.

Daan van Rossum shares some insights into how proptech is (not) being adopted in APAC, with references to a fascinating report on the subject by Mingtiandi & Yardi that was originally published in Jan 2021.

Based off the 2020 survey results Excel was the main way leasing, sales and property management info was managed at 58%, followed by custom systems at 35% and management systems at 20%.

Huge opportunity here if you ask me.

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🤝 Coworking deals.

🕴 Franchise + furniture partnership.

Through a new partnership, Vari aims to help furnish all new Venture X properties, serving as a one-stop-shop for design and installation for new locations that can get running as soon as possible.

Actually announced last week, but wanted to get all the info before sharing the news and discussing this on our weekly Clubhouse room.

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🎙 Coworking conversations.

Jamie Russo and Tracy Wilson chat about SUPER® certifications for coworking spaces as sustainable in the area of single-use plastic elimination or reduction.

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Nick Donnelly chats with Harry McInley about WorkClub and the future of the workplace.

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Frank Cottle chats with Tim Minahan from Citrix about changing staffing models and thinking about the born digital generation.

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Bernie Mitchell and Tash Thomas chat about coworking and the Euro Cup Finals.

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ICYMI: Jean-Yves Huwart and Vivian Suhr chatted about why EDGE shifted into operating their own flex brand (and then expanded).

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Liz Elam published her 3rd series of conversations featuring chats with Liran Rosenfeld, Jerome Fried, Melissa Schilo, John Williams and Karen Davenport. 

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📆 Coworking events.

🤩 Big Table Memphis announced!

Daryn DeZengotita & Ashley Proctor have announced the dates for the ‘pilgrimage for change makers’ in Memphis, TN. The summit will bring together community leaders across multiple industries, including but not exclusively coworking, between October 14th and 17th.

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💼 Coworking jobs.

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