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Tandem is a new type of office-share. We help hybrid teams find co-tenants they love and trust, then make the sharing process a breeze.

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🀩 Who will be sharing insights on the first Undercurrents trend?

Seem the list of industry experts who openly shared their insights, warnings, pro-tips and lessons learned in our first 3,800+ word Undercurrent deep-dive?

They are: Antonette Benting from Workshop17, Kane Willmott from iQ Offices, Chris Edwards from The Flexi Group, Jerome Chang from BLANKSPACES, Justin Raymond from Flexday, Danielle Schindler from Engel & VΓΆlkers Work Edition, Jon Dweck from Space32, Amina Moreau from radious, Henry Burn from Hubble, Jocelyn Vincent from Landmark and Rafi Sands from Tandem. With thanks to Anne Olsen from The Shop Workspace and Kerry Charlick from Think Tank Cowork for helping with the proof reading

The first edition lands exclusively in the inboxes of TWIC email subscribers on Monday June 17th 2024. And the trend? Fractional Offices – friend or foe for coworking spaces?

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πŸ’­ A dig into the idea behind fractional-office startup

Rafi Sands shares the inspiration and reasoning behind Tandem, a startup to let companies share office space.

If you’ve been following along over the last few months, you’re already seeing the growing undercurrent trend in fractional office platforms, services and technology. Whilst the trend could represent an opportunity for flex spaces to explore new ways of sharing space between members, it could also be a threat with the huge troves of vacant office space needing to be filled.

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🀩 Are you letting startups film videos in your space?

Sarah Athanas shares a little humblebrag that Groundwork was the host of a new ad spot for Tandem Hybrid Spaces.

It’s a beautiful way to promote your space, provide an alternative service to local startups or business, and maybe generate new revenue. Having filmed included’s intro video in a coworking space back in 2016, I do wonder how many other spaces have or are hosting startup intro or ad videos.

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Founded in 2023. Started by a team of students working under Professor Nick Bloom at Stanford

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