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😳 HOW MUCh of these OG’s revenue stack is virtual offices?

In Sofia Stolberg’s latest Forbes EQ piece, we hear what industry leaders Ashley Buckner, Flip Howard and Michelle Stiegler (from well-established firms Carr Workplaces, Lucid Private Offices and Premier Workspaces respectively) think about Virtual Office (VO) products.

Flip notes that VO memberships represent nearly 70% of his profit margins across 26 locations, and "represent the highest revenue per square foot offering in the business". Michelle notes that over the last 22 years, VO plans have been a big part of their book of business, while Ashley noted how VO sales have a unique ability to go straight through to the bottom line.

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Listing platform shares list of largest US operators

CoworkingCafe (which you may remember we introduced as Yardi’s new booking platform in w29/22) shares who the largest US operators are according to their data/listings based on number of locations.

The top 15 are: Regus (832), WeWork (246), Industrious (135), Spaces (117), Premier Workspaces (87), Office Evolution (81), Workstyle Flexible Workplaces (60), Intelligent Office (45), Expansive (43), Venture X (42), LocalWorks (31), COhatch (30), Carr Workplaces (27) and Serendipity Labs (27). They also share that they’d say there’s 5,723 locations nationally.

I’m not sure about these results given I’ve not seen the data, but the national number seems very low, and Regus + Spaces are the same operator, but different brands, but interesting nevertheless.

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