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Week 35, 2021

This week we see a new term of "lomads", new coworking federation's board being announced, new media studios being opened, a remote work law being passed, 4-day workweeks being trialed and more. 

🎉 Coworking celebrations.

📸 The Candy Factory officially open their new media studio.

Congrats to The Candy Factory team on taking their experimental media studio (launched during lockdowns) to the next level.

Also if you’re not adding media studios into your space, why not?

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📰 Coworking updates.

🤔 What are “lomads”, and why are they important for coworking?

Robert Kropp dives into the growing trend of local nomads (in contrast to digital nomads) who are a growing group of people that don’t necessarily consider themselves to be a new nomadic or travelling group.

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🇩🇪 German Coworking Federation elected a new board.

At a recent General Assembly (their first in 2 years) the German Coworking Federation elected Vicki Janssen, Christian Cordes, Johanna Voll, Wolf-Nicolas Henkels and Dina Sierralta to their board, amongst other decisions and changes that haven’t been announced yet.

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🇺🇾 New law to regulate remote work in Uruguay.

Narayan Ammachchi summarizes a new law in the South American country that puts more responsibility on employers when it comes to implementing remote work policies.

Employers would need to cover equipment costs, but not have to cover utilities like electricity and internet. It also includes a ‘right to disconnect’ which I believe is designed to help empower employees to better avoid being expected to work outside of operating hours.

How remote work will effect costs, perks and taxes in every country is a topic we’re watching closely, as these will all come into the costs-benefits equation for picking where to work, and who pays for what.

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⏱ Scotland to trial 4-day weeks.

According to the BBC the Scottish government have promised to trial a four-day work week, without decreasing pays or increasing the hours worked per day.

Previous experiments are also mentioned, like Iceland who’ve been cutting the work week by 4 hours (or an afternoon) since about 6 years ago. New Zealand also began a trial with a private employer pre-Covid.

It has me wondering if/how these shorter weeks will effect the price per day, week or month for coworking spaces.

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🙈 Where is all the representation at events?

Bernie Mitchell shares his frustration (and he’s def not alone) with the lack of representation at a recent UK workspace industry event. He mentions a few ways event organizers, and attendees, can take steps to make events more diverse and inclusive, including highlighting the important advice given by Jerome Chang and Shervonne Cherry in their recent Coworking IDEA challenge on this very topic.

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💻 Coworking technology.

📲 UK-based workspace booking app rebrands.

UK-Based booking app Narau has changed its name to NearU. The company is also celebrating a year in which they’ve gone global and been nominated for three Property awards.

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🤝 Coworking market moves.

💨 How the pandemic impacted coworking in Chicago.

Denny Jacob takes a look into how coworking spaces in Chicago are faring in this post in the Chicago Tribune.

We learn from Platform and Ampersand share that memberships and private office requests are on the up, and WeWork shares that both All Access and On Demand products saw 30% and 43% growth from June to July respectively across their 10 active locations in Chicago. Expansive just opened a new location, their 6th in the region. And Industrious is rumoured to be opening a location in the city too.

With growth across neighbourhood and big-brand spaces, coworking in Chicago appears to be on the up.

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🗽 Landlord launches flex space in 3 Manhattan towers.

Aayat Ali reports that APF Properties, in partnership with Avison Young, are diving into flex. The landlord joins others in NYC incorporating these move-in-ready work spaces and other flex spaces into their offerings.

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🏢 Brisbane space expands by 25% due to market demand.

Flexible workspace provider Hub Australia is expanding Hub ANZAC Square in Brisbane to be their largest site in the country.

The expansion will bring the space’s location to 830 (up 25%) and take up a total 5,136 square metres (up from 3,861 square metres).

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🔥 Property Technology keeps heating up.

In this press release a tech division of JLL shares some interesting numbers around the increase of investments into, and the adoption of, property technology (aka proptech).

Over US$9.7 billion of funding activity was directed at proptech in the first half of 2021 and the number of real estate technology startups increased 300% over the past decade.

In short, expect even more tech solutions and options.

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🎟 PAYG access coming to WeWork’s in 4 new markets.

Following the rollout of WeWork On Demand, the chain is bringing their pay-as-you-go offering to the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Australia.

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🎙 Coworking conversations.

Bernie Mitchell, Christoph Fahle and Jeannine van der Linden discuss how blockchain could help coworking. 

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Jerry Alexander and James Wahba chat all about the multifaceted operations required for running a successful coworking business. (You also get to hear about Uber founder walking around barefoot in the coworking space whilst prepping for a big pitch)

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Caleb Parker, Dave Cairns and Dan Harvey discuss the polarization around the future of work.

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Liz Elam caught up with Craig Baute about the breakout demand of coworking spaces in neighborhood spots and how they’re helping coworking brands get sold. 

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Melanie Jones, Daan van Rossum and Nellie Hayat share their ideas for the hybrid office.

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Jamie Russo chatted with Kelly & Justin Clemons about starting a niche coworking space, and running multiple businesses. 

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