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Cloudworks offers flexible workspace solutions with comprehensive services in Barcelona and Madrid.

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🇪🇸 Snapshot of Spain’s largest coworking operators

Coworking Europe shared (a blurry photo of) some stats on the largest operators in Spain.

To summarize, and save you some early-morning squinting, the table is sorted by total space occupied (sqm) but also lists the number of locations per operator. The 14 operators listed run 201 spaces covering over 505k sqm (5.4M sqft) of space.

IWG led the pack in both no. of spaces and sqm (74, and 155k respectively). LOOM and Cloudworks both have 15 locations, followed by Impact Hub with 14 and Aticco with 13. By space, WeWork came in second with 58.5k sqm.

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🅱️ Cloudworks becomes a B-Corp too

Verónica González Jöhnk shares that Cloudworks have joined the growing group of flex space brands that have become B Corp certified.

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🇪🇸 Cloudworks sees 24% jump in annual revenue

The Catalan flexible workspace operator led by Marta Gracia reported an annual turnover of €10.3M in 2023, up 24% from 2022. They’re estimating around €12.3M in revenue, continuing with expansion and consolidation plans already underway, moving towards 30k sqm (approx 323k sqft) of space across Barcelona and Madrid.

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Founded in 2015. HQ in Barcelona.

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