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Personally, I believe that the best way to turn information into actionable knowledge is through active discussions with peers, colleagues, and even competitors.


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After 14+ months of calls on the Clubhouse app, the weekly discussions were moved to LinkedIn Audio.


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About TWIC (TWIC) is a weekly newsletter summarizing the coworking celebrations, stories, market moves, tech updates and discussions you may have missed.

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Recent Summaries

Week 4, 2023

A writing hack, spike in franchising enquiries, more lounge-access in the equation, why a firm is pushing landlords to be on coworking and more.

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Week 2, 2023

This week we see a bike-less opportunity from SoulCycle cofounders, better flex valuations, 5 more predictions, a system to root out rudeness, some expansions, a merger and more.

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Week 1, 2023

This week (and over the holidays) we saw a new term ‘omnichannel work’, coworking in train stations and airports, a community project by the Build-a-Bear founder, free workspaces for laid-off workers, and more.

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Week 51, 2022

Some tips for end-of-the-year, some more predictions, AI’s opinion on flex, why a remote worker thinks coworking is valuable and more.

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Week 50, 2022

This week we see stories including a study that found coworking hindered creativity, some big predictions, AI-driven marketing and more.

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Week 49, 2022

This week we see parting thoughts from a local operator, a concern around business rates, cash back on flex space, a mega APAC merger, WeWork’s bankruptcy risk and more.

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Week 46, 2022

This week we see $1.1M deployed into more local communities, a milestone for coworking research, a save-the-date for EU coworking day 2023, Common Desk’s new service and more.

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