Week 2, 2022

This week we saw a hospitality group donate shelter stays, 2 coworking DAOs, Panasonic offer 4-day workweeks, explored furniture rentals for flex, working remotely from Universal Studios and more. 

🎉 Coworking celebrations.

🎂 Good Coworking turned 4!

Thanks for supporting coworking in Dallas, TX and across the globe.

✅ Australian network gets WELL seal for 6 locations.

Hub Australia shared that 6 of their locations have achieved the WELL Health-Safety seal, with progress underway for their other locations to achieve the seal in 2022. Congrats!

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📰 Coworking news & views.

💚 Hospitality group donate a shelter stay for each stay.

I love this campaign shared by Dan Gordon from The Hoxton and Working From_.

In it they are donating a stay in a shelter to someone who really needs it for every stay in any Hoxton across the world in Feb.

Makes me wonder what TOMS-like one-for-one campaigns coworking brands could do to support those stuck out in the cold. Ideas or doing something like this? Submit a link, reply to this email or contact me to tell me all about it.

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🇯🇵 Japanese conglomerate announces four-day workweek.

We’ve been following the trend towards 4-day workweeks for a while now. Whilst most the previous examples were from North America and Western Europe, this story comes out of Japan where corporate life can be so intense that dying from overwork isn’t unheard of.

Following the Japanese government’s recommendation that companies allow four-day workweeks, Panasonic announced that it will start offering it to interested workers.

It’ll be interesting to see what the uptake & impact will be over time.

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🎱 A few predictions about remote work in 2022

After speaking to 3k+ people about remote work in ’21, Chris Herd from Firstbase shares his 20 predictions for what will happen in 2022.

Some trends that spill over with what we saw and shared in my annual summary of coworking news & trends from 2021 are a continued rise in rural living, more diversity & inclusion from employers, and the death of the HQ in favor of ecosystems of workspaces.

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🚚 Can furniture subscriptions help landlords offer better flex space?

Melanie Jones shares thoughts on why landlords subscribe to furniture in support of flex space, Space-as-a-Service and beyond.

Recently I’ve had similar discussions with coworking space operators, looking into how and where offering unfurnished suites with on-demand or rentable furniture makes sense.

Back in week 41 last year, we also saw a similar partnership expand to 35 US markets between WeWork and Feather.

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🎢 Moving from the office, to an.. amusement park?

Carly Caramanna shares how/why they gave up their office space to work out of Universal Studios.

Given that an annual pass is $290, and their monthly office rent was $550, and there’s good WiFi, and there’s lots of spots to work from, and there’s food discounts, and erm… rollercoasters and rides during lunch breaks, what’s not to love!?

Could we see amusement parks offer more established coworking spaces or remote working offerings?

H/t Rachel Winstead for sharing.

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💻 Coworking technology.

🕸 Multiverse coworking DAO reaches 600 members.

Last week’s most clicked link in the newsletter was the intro into what DAOs are. That link led to an influx of Web3-related links being shared with me this week, including this one where Angelo Alessio shares what build_ is, and how their ‘multiverse coworking DAO’ has attracted 600 members, seen 49 City NFTs claimed and had 4 physical hubs commit to join the network.

Also, another link I got sent to me about a coworking-related DAO was CabinDAO which mixes the creator economy, coliving and coworking. (h/t Felicity Maxwell for sharing this one with us)

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🤔 On the changing ownership and funding of workspace platforms.

Matthew Weiner from LiquidSpace put out a poll on LindedIn to ask operators if they’d list their inventory and pricing on platforms that were owned or invested in by their competitors.

At time of curating this newsletter it was balancing out at 38% Yes and 62% No.

With acquisitions and investments on the up, this is a debate we’ve seen and had in our own TWIC calls too.

I’m torn, on the one side there’s millions of humans who need more efficient ways to find, book and access workspaces, and not being listed is a huge opportunity loss. On the other hand, could the data or listings be skewed to your disadvantage, and would that even make sense for the platform or end-users?

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🆕 Coworking PMS shares their upgrade plans for 2022.

Nexudus share some of their planned changes for the year. Their new admin panel features new search, sales, filtering and trends views, as well a new improved newsletter editor.

Their member app, called Passport, is being upgraded bringing across new designs, courses and deliveries from the web-based Members’ Portal. And finally, they’ll be doubling down on their Integrations making it easier to connect the PMS with their 3rd party platforms like Access Control systems and IoT devices.

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🗺 v3 of CRE & Workplace Tech Ecosystem map released.

Simon Davis from Impec Group shared that they’ve just released version 3 of their solution map of CRE and Workplace tech.

There’s a lot of solutions out there with some focussed on doing one thing very well, others spanning categories. It’s very interesting to see the solutions mapped out in this format.

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🚀 Workplace tech co report 11x revenue growth in 2021.

Joe Du Bey shares that Eden Workplace grew their software-as-a-service revenue by 11 times in 2021.

They offer a suite of workplace software for hybrid companies including tools for desk booking, visitor management, room scheduling, team safety and support ticketing. 

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🤝 Coworking market moves.

🥳 Network of on-demand workspaces announces first hub.

Doug Chambers from DAYBASE (who I’ve covered before) have announced their first on-demand workspace will be opening in Hoboken, NJ on Jan 24th.

With plans to open more locations near people’s homes, I’m curious to watch where’s next and how quickly they’ll add locations.

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👩‍💻 Exec Women’s business network of clubhouses goes national.

Forbes covers how Chief‘s cofounders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan grew to a nationwide network for executive women.

They went from having just signed new leases in Chicago, LA and NY in March 2020, to shifting towards virtual offerings and almost doubling their membership to 10k women, with 40k women on their waitlist.

To increase the value of their virtual membership, they added a job board and free one-on-one exec coaching. 99% of their revenue comes from memberships charging VP-level women $5.8k p/year and C-level women $7.9k p/year, and state that most fees get covered by employers.

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🤝 Global HR platform and booking platform form partnership

Jack Corrigan from Oyster highlighted their partnership with Hubble.

This follows a growing trend of on-demand & flex workspace platforms and aggregators partnering up with communities of businesses.

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🎙 Coworking conversations.

Alex Ahom and Claire Carpenter deep dive into the future of work in the post-pandemic era and discuss how coworking spaces will contribute to the future of the office.

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Jamie Russo discusses the most important numbers that coworking space operators should know, and track to measure progress and success.

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Bold founder Caleb Parker and Mark Eltringham, publisher of Workplace Insight and IN Magazine chat about how the future of work may affect the future of commercial real estate.

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📆 Coworking events.

🗺 Convo: Google Business Profiles

Jan 28: The next Coworking Convo dives into best practices for Google Business Profiles (fka Google My Business).

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🌎 The Coworking Alliance Summit

Feb 16: After an insightful first summit in April 2020, CAS returns to hold space for space operators leading, or looking to start, coworking alliances locally or across the globe.

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