This Year In Coworking: 2021s biggest trends.

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Highlighting some of the biggest trends and shifts in coworking through the 1,076 stories summarized in 2021's weekly newsletters.

πŸ’Œ Email-first Summary

This year’s summary is email-first.Β 

This meansΒ that active email subscribers got it first (it arrived in inboxes at 6am ET on Dec 30th 2021).Β A web version will then be published in early 2022.

Below is an overview of what this year’s news and my annual summary digs into.

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🀝 Market trends.

The summary shares 9 emerging market trends, including how coworking (and the shift to flex) affected governments, city outskirts, suburbia, rural economies, multinational corporations, cooperation, landlords, franchising, hotels, kitchens, colleges, brokers and retail.

πŸš€ The coworking 'brand'.

I dig into three trends around how coworking is growing, and is perceived, across the world, in the mainstream, as social impact drivers and the boomerang of virtual and belonging as we move towards Web3 and beyond.

πŸ€“ Technology trends.

The annual summary looks into two major shifts happening in workspace technology, including 80+ stories around how the discovery of flex workspace is evolving and 64 stories about the shift towards an open and interconnected workspace operating system.Β 

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About TWIC is a weekly newsletter summarizing the coworking celebrations, stories, market moves, tech updates and discussions you may have missed.

It’s curated by Hector Kolonas and available for free via email or this website with topics and trends being discussed Fridays on Clubhouse at 10:30am Eastern.

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