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This week we see a free hub open for freelancers in Brooklyn, the results of the 2022 lead-gen survey, a large network rebrand, v2 of The Riveter, explore what operators need most from their software and more.

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This event attracts operators from around the world, and this year the Unconference is online – so it’s even easier for you to join us on October 12th.

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🎉 Coworking celebrations.

🎂 The Melting Pot celebrates 15 years! #

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🎂IOS OFFICES celebrates 15 years! #

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🎂 NextSpace Santa Cruz turned 14! #

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🧁 CoHatch turned 6 #

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🎂 The Workaround turned 4 #

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📰 Coworking news & views.

🗽 Mayor and union launch free coworking space for independents. #

David A. Singer shares the news that Freelancers Union and the NYC mayor’s office have launched a free coworking space for independent workers in Brooklyn.

Backed by $1.5 million in city funding, the 4,143 sqft facility features a large coworking space lined with rows of desks, rooms to host workshops, and isolated spaces for meetings.

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🤲 Network CEO highlights coworking trends #

Laurent Dhollande from Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO shares their view on the current trends affecting coworking via a video interview at the BuroClub conference in Paris.

ICYMI: BuroClub is a growing franchise with over 200 flexible office locations throughout Europe.

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💀 An early investor shares postmortem of recent coworking collapse #

Charlie O’Donnell shared their thoughts on the collapse of The Wing as an early investor in the company.

As to why they wrote a postmorten? Because “a lot of how the story played out obscures real lessons to be learned here, oversimplifies the issues, and scapegoats just one person—all while holding investors pretty blameless“.

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💻 Coworking technology.

💡 What operators need most from management platforms: data freedom. #

In an extension from our recent tech panel together, Ginger Dhaliwal called out a make-or-break need for flex operators – free and open access to their own data.

The follow-up highlights that in order to leverage third-party space aggregators and workspace platforms to drive demand and grow their business, space operators need to be able to provide their inventory availability data in real time but some platforms are grabbing hold of this data and limiting its use through charging for it or by preventing third-party integrations outright.

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📲 Corp coworking app now live in 60 countries #

Michael Cockburn shares that through their recent addition of 131 locations into their network last month, Desana is now live in 60 countries.

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🤖 AI generated interior design ideas anyone? #

Pieter Levels (aka @levelsio) who built and runs nomadlist and remoteok among others, is back again with a new web project called interiorAI. This time users can upload a photo of a room (or coworking space) select a style (like biophilic or bohemian or modern) and have interior design ideas uniquely generated via AI. The first 10 renders are free, so check it out.

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📈 Coworking data.

📈 Where are the best flex space leads coming from in 2022? #

The results are in. Operators across 6 countries shared their best converting lead generators. Syncaroo crunched the numbers and compared it to the results from Q1 2021.

The top sources, in order of % of conversions, are Website, Referrals, Human Brokers and Aggregators/Apps.

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💰 Companies spend 3x more on meeting rooms than on shared space #

Liza Mash Levin shares insights from Gable’s workspace and meeting space booking data. 3 key takeaways shared are that 70% of spaces booked by employees are for meeting rooms, this is also reflected in 3x higher spend on these spaces, and that the average adoption rate of flex space is 35%.

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🤝 Coworking market moves.

🇮🇱 Local brand announces two more locations #

Dan Zakai shares that Mindspace has announced two new locations in Israel, a 3.8k sqm hub hosting 600 workstations and one that’s 3.3k sqm with 500 workstations.

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🎨 Multi-location operator rebrands #

John Egan shares that WorkSuites are now rebranded to Lucid Private Offices.

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🇬🇧 Brand raises funding to expand in Birmingham #

x+why have raised funding from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund to expand in Birmingham. The network operates 6 locations currently, and has 6 more in the pipeline, including the 30k sqft facility in Birmingham.

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🎢 v2 of The Riveter coming next week #

Amy Sterner Nelson shares The Riveter’s inspiring rollercoaster journey from being on track to hit $20M, to pivoting through the pandemic, to now… launching v2 next week.

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🎙 Coworking conversations.

Jamie Russo dives into the different real estate models (buy, rent or management agreement) and reviews the pros and cons of each.

🎧 Listen to this.

Giovanni Palavicini and Jamie Russo recorded a combined review of the recent GWA conference.

🎧 Listen to this.

Caleb Parker chats with Cal Lee and Jack Williamson from Workthere/Savills about when landlords should DIY space-as-a-service.

🎧 Listen to this.

Cat Johnson chats with Corrales Cachola about community, Web3 and more

🎧 Listen to this.

📆 Coworking events.

🍁 Coworking Canada virtual unconference #

October 12: A community favorite, not just for Canadians.

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🙋‍♀️ Coworking Convo: Lead gen for indie spaces #

October 28: What are the best, proven lead generation strategies for indie coworking operators? Let’s chat about it.

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