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Recent Summaries

This Week In Coworking: #01, 2022

This week we saw how huge employers redirected the millions they’re saving into supporting remote working, explored WTF DAOs are, explored the history of African innovation hubs, and touch on the subtle differences between hot-desking and desk hotelling.

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This Week In Coworking: #49, 2021

This week we see how to help employees sell coworking, Tulsa brought in $62M via remote workers, on swapping a party for a small biz grant, another dive into Lomad-ing, a trove of end-of-year data drops and much more.

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This Week In Coworking: #48, 2021

This week we look at how landlords are being advised to add flex, a new academic study of coworking impacts in the UK, new US businesses up by 56%, Selfridges adding coworking, a new network of WNH spaces coming to Melbourne, and more.

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