This week we see proof of content marketing working, explore if local spaces need offices, platform funding, some data from London, Yardi possibly investing in WeWork, a Flex Startup Program, team bundles and more.
This week we explore using rhetorical devices, 1.4B sqft of office space, an employee's life changer, tech trends, a look at Toronto, what we can gleam from coffee prices and more.
This week we saw a bump in coworking spending, that 45% of US coworking was suburban, how NOT to post to GBP, flexibility as a hiring magnet and more.
Unauthorized booking buttons, words to drop from your copy, tax deductions, meeting room hours, a new remote work index, a new platform, a franchisee alliance and more.
A writing hack, spike in franchising enquiries, more lounge-access in the equation, why a firm is pushing landlords to be on coworking and more.
This week we see a bike-less opportunity from SoulCycle cofounders, better flex valuations, 5 more predictions, a system to root out rudeness, some expansions, a merger and more.
This week (and over the holidays) we saw a new term 'omnichannel work', coworking in train stations and airports, a community project by the Build-a-Bear founder, free workspaces for laid-off workers, and more.

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