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This week we explore how weak office markets are squeezing flex spaces, how to re-warm leads, pros/cons of coworking from 2017, that viral AI-salesperson video, a furniture-rental acquisition, and more.
This week's summaries include office-to-farm conversions, fare-free transit, Code Interpreter, 3 flex data-sets, 7 market moves and more.
This week's summaries include a Manhattan's 70M sqft opportunity, London's wax & wane, two stories re: AI in flex, marketing's job in crowded markets and more.
This week's summaries include a growing threat from libraries, what LinkedIn thinks about going viral, changes to USPS compliance, and more.
This week's summaries include which flex products are most popular, stakeholder shifts in India, Nomad Month, a BIPOC alliance, expansions in APAC, Africa and more.
This week's stories include topics include Taylor Swift and coworking, if hybrid is a cop-out, dynamic pricing, growth in Turkey, the hottest flex market in the world and more.
This week we see a 95x bump in ad spend, coworking on How I Build This, a tax incentive program, Bulgaria, Yardi acquiring CloudVO, more residential-building coworking, and more.
This week we explore big corporate coworking moves and news, how passes saved Taskrabbit 87% on rent, members becoming shareholders, demand up 25% in Singapore and more
This week we explore AI in photoshop, a Nasdaq listing, strong numbers in India, pickleball, coplaces, cats + karaoke as amenities and more.
This week we explore if IWG would/could buy WeWork, what may inject millions into local economies, $500M for new US tech hubs, off-peak plans and more.

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