We see movement in rural coworking, the booking platform race heating up, a new financial planning resource, a growing market opportunity, an OG bankruptcy, and see a spike in corp flex demand. 
This week we see a new term of "lomads", new coworking federation's board being announced, new media studios being opened, a remote work law being passed, 4-day workweeks being trialed and more. 
This week we saw a monumental shift in how the US gov. procures coworking space, a humorous look at cliche coworking personalities, 2 views of how VC-backed co's are looking at office space, and more. 
This week we saw a mega Wall Street firm go remote, local spaces thriving, an Indian alliance, vax to access, deep data integrations and more.
Coworking could be a $13B industry by 2025, recap ICD, and watch industry media go bananas over some market moves on both sides of the world.
This week we share why GMB is so important, the rise of brandlords and neighborhood clubhouses, the remote worker opportunity, some market data and more. 
This week we celebrate 1 year of TWIC, are concerned about new CDC guidance, see the end of WeLive and Indy Hall's current space, explore UK flex space data and more.  
This week we share marketing ideas, the $136B childcare opportunity, news from Australia and New Zealand markets, a public integration roadmap and more.
This week we share how Dropbox leaned into coworking, Microsoft's Work Trend Index, the continued growth of an Indian coworking brand, bankers, lack of representation, tech news and more.
This week we share how Apple might eat the access control sector, Elon Musk living in a box, coworking in Cape Town, some real numbers from workspace operators and more. 

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