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This week we share a fantastic talk on rejuvenating underdog cities, that 23k desks were filled in one quarter, discuss an incoming new accounting practice, look into coworking safaris and more.
This week we saw a beer + coworking concept, a huge space goes online (in 2021), a major change in state policy, a lactation suites startup, and more.
Tonnes of workspace tech M&A activity, two important IPOs, a look into the Tunisian ecosystem, affects of changes at USPS, and how free childcare decreased employee turnover, and more
$1M+ in grants awarded, a new coworking analogy, some tips for brand positioning, and 4 fascinating new data sets that may be useful to those filling flex spaces.
This week we see a recommended shift in mindset, a conference summarized in quotes, 40k US employees given remote work option, a JV in Birmingham UK, and more.
This week we saw an issue causing on-demand space to break, flex work legislation in the UK, a WeWork alumni investment fund, autonomous stores in flex spaces, data around office footfall across the US and more.
This week we see 3 more shifts into rural coworking, a hub in no man's land, AI burrito kiosks, an opportunity in self-storage, hybrid-enabling tech updates, and a bunch more stories and discussions.
This week we see a new gov coworking pilot in Germany, a social entrepreneurship initiative, a new drop-in space app launch, and more.
We see movement in rural coworking, the booking platform race heating up, a new financial planning resource, a growing market opportunity, an OG bankruptcy, and see a spike in corp flex demand. 
This week we see a new term of "lomads", new coworking federation's board being announced, new media studios being opened, a remote work law being passed, 4-day workweeks being trialed and more. 

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