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🀩 Who will be sharing insights on the first Undercurrents trend?
Seem the list of industry experts who openly shared their insights, warnings, pro-tips and lessons Expand πŸ‘‡ learned in our first 3,800+ word Undercurrent deep-dive?
They are: Antonette Benting from Workshop17, Kane Willmott from iQ Offices, Chris Edwards from The Flexi Group, Jerome Chang from BLANKSPACES, Justin Raymond from Flexday, Danielle Schindler from Engel & VΓΆlkers Work Edition, Jon Dweck from Space32, Amina Moreau from radious, Henry Burn from Hubble, Jocelyn Vincent from Landmark and Rafi Sands from Tandem. With thanks to Anne Olsen from The Shop Workspace and Kerry Charlick from Think Tank Cowork for helping with the proof reading
The first edition lands exclusively in the inboxes of TWIC email subscribers on Monday June 17th 2024. And the trend? Fractional Offices – friend or foe for coworking spaces?
πŸ‘ Great example of hyper-targeted coworking content
The folks at The Shop shared this blog post on ‘coworking for travelers’. For anyone who runs a Expand πŸ‘‡ coworking space the content shouldn’t be that surprising (we all know coworking is great for travelers and remote workers), but you know who may not know that 100% for sure? Travelers.
Content like this is easily shared with prospects and great for SEO (especially if you add your city/state name in the SEO metadata), the only thing I’d do differently is probably create it as a landing page than a blog post. Are you generating localized niche-focussed content? If not, why not?
πŸ’— What does it take to drive VO success? A heart of hospitality
In this piece Mike Sullivan from Alliance Virtual Offices shares some insights around what Expand πŸ‘‡ differentiates an ‘ok’ virtual office offering, from one that’s unforgettable (and profitable).
In summary, it comes down to what Philip Cohen at Workuity calls "a heart of hospitality", or what would usually make people great hires in the hotel industry. Add to that detail-orientated personalization, plus being proactive and responsive, and you’ve got a winning VO offering. Interesting as this does come from a team who work with over 1k operators on selling virtual office products and services.
πŸ€΅β€β™€οΈ Brokers continue filling UK flex space desks
I always love seeing posts from operators tagging the brokers, agents and platforms filling offices Expand πŸ‘‡ and workstations. In this one Laura Walker shares the 4 brokerages that helped Adam Joyce fill 75 desks at two of Orega’s locations.
πŸ“Ή How one brand is carving their own coworking niche
Michael Tavani shared the video Atlanta-based filmmaker Ethan Payne made about the day in the life Expand πŸ‘‡ of Switchyards member Marvin Guelce.
While the video is (pretty darn) awesome, I do love how they are defining their own category of shared workspace, hitting hard at how they’re a 24/7 neighbourhood work club.


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