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πŸš€ LATAM flex space app sees bookings soar 4x
Andrei Cretu shares that Pluria have seen a 4x increase in bookings for flex spaces across Latin Expand πŸ‘‡ America (600+ spaces in 15 countries) via their app.
I confirmed with Andrei, that this is a 4x increase in bookings, and not a 4x increase in spaces listed. Good to see utilization growing across the region!
πŸ₯³ A great example of a booking app exploring more viral-loops.
Andrei Cretu shares how Pluria have added functionality to quickly invite guests (via links or Expand πŸ‘‡ email) to join them for bookings they’ve made within the app.
I’ve been watching closely to see which booking apps nail the viral-loop of bringing more and more teammates, colleagues, coworkers, friends and consultants into their apps. Having a strong viral loop (think how dropbox spread by giving away free storage space, or paypal gave away $5 for each invite) not only brings in more app users, but could drive business to the spaces who are listed on those platforms. Expect to see A LOT more of this.
😍 Another glowing review for app-based flex space access
Andrei Cretu reshared a comment by Maria JosΓ© PiΓ±eros noting how they (Genially) closed one of their Expand πŸ‘‡ 2 offices and switched to giving their team worldwide coworking access via Pluria.
Always great to see people involved with talent acquisition share that their teams love remote, but also seeing their colleagues when they feel like it. Well said.
πŸ’΅ Remote work tech co in LATAM & Europe raises $2M
Andrei Cretu shares that Pluria have raised $2M in investment to help more companies leverage their Expand πŸ‘‡ curated network of flexible workspaces and keep remote teams connected.
As mentioned in my recent post on new or growing booking interfaces, keep an eye on what the remote work tech cos are doing, and how they’ll be shifting to focus on sending you more members and revenue.


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