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Sam Rosen joins Jamie and Gio on the Flex Uncensored podcast to dive into the Deskpass story, what’s Expand πŸ‘‡ changed in coworking tech since 2007, the merger with Breather and who from Industrious has joined their board.
🀯 Mega-platform-operator-stakeholder deal finally public
Sam Rosen shares that the news is finally public about the Deskpass, Breather, Industrious (and Expand πŸ‘‡ CRBE-kinda) deal.
In short here’s what’s happening. Deskpass and Breather will merge, but both platforms will continue to be operated by Deskpass as separate brands (for now). What about Industrious? If you remember back to Week 22 of 2021, Industrious acquired Breather for $3M. Well what this post doesn’t share, but other press releases did is that "a spokesperson for Industrious said it would own a 40% stake in the merged subsidiary". How about CBRE? Well… remembering even further back, to Week 8 of 2021, CBRE invested $200M into the firm, and obtained 35% ownership, when they merged their Hana brand into Industrious.
So what does this mean? For operators – technically more bookings through two platforms managed by Deskpass. For Deskpass – two markets of customers to service and connect to spaces. For Industrious – offloading tech which may have been eating into margins. For CBRE – a more valuable/profitable Industrious? Let’s see.
πŸ’° An Agency filled over 73k sqft of flex office space in 2023
Isaac Tonkin shares that their commercial real estate agency secured 101,759sqft of office space for Expand πŸ‘‡ their customers. Interestingly, they share that a lot of that (except 28,484 in traditional leases) was with flex space brands like Industrious, Fora, Us&Co and flex-leaning landlords like Landmark and Bruntwood.
I’d love to see if there was any sqft-age filled at indie or independent brand, and how that compares to the figures shared.
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πŸ—ž Week 06, 2024
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Enrico Sanna and Jamie Hodari, CEOs of The Office Group and Industrious, discuss the flex space Expand πŸ‘‡ office market in the wake of WeWork’s high-profile bankruptcy on CBRE’s podcast, The Weekly Take.
πŸ“° The next generation have a savvy playbook…
… to be where people actually want to be. This piece by Fast Company, looks at how suburban Expand πŸ‘‡ coworking is growing, benefiting both workers and their neighborhoods.
The piece explores stories like Laetitia Gorra’s "micro-coworking space" called the Studio in New York’s Westchester County, Serendipity Labs’ seeing of growing demand in suburban markets, TailoredSpace’s plans to double their suburban portfolio in Southern California, IWG’s and Industrious’ continuous suburban expansions, and the UK’s Patch launching spaces on main streets in suburban centers and small towns.


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