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πŸ’· Fractional office co hits Β£2M milestone
Jon Dweck shares the fractional office marketplace Space32 have hit the milestone of Β£2M in rental Expand πŸ‘‡ revenue for their office hosts.
Trend watch: Fractional offices are a fast-growing flex space product we’re following closely here on TWIC.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Platform sees number of fractional office listings grow to 1k
Tushar Agarwal shares that Hubble have grown from a soft launch with 5 fractional office listings in Expand πŸ‘‡ June 2023 to 1,000 offices across 250 buildings in London now listed on their platform.
Hit the link above to see how fractional (or part-time) offices are a growing undercurrent trend that could present opportunities or threats to flex space businesses.
πŸ“² Booking app doubles down on day offices
In another fractional office play, Justin Raymond and Flexday share that they’ve made it easier for Expand πŸ‘‡ teams to find and book day-offices (or what they call Flexday Suites).
The pay-now or lease checkout is interesting, but as mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter, don’t sleep on fractional offices.
πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany also gets a new fractional office service
Danielle Schindler shares that Engel & VΓΆlkers Work Edition are also shifting into the Expand πŸ‘‡ increasingly hot fractional office market, by launching "Shared Office Solutions". Their solution to vacant, unused office space is to turn it into flexible & serviced workspaces, essentially taking over the subletting and servicing of those (co-)tenants.
πŸ’­ A dig into the idea behind fractional-office startup
Rafi Sands shares the inspiration and reasoning behind Tandem, a startup to let companies share Expand πŸ‘‡ office space.
If you’ve been following along over the last few months, you’re already seeing the growing undercurrent trend in fractional office platforms, services and technology. Whilst the trend could represent an opportunity for flex spaces to explore new ways of sharing space between members, it could also be a threat with the huge troves of vacant office space needing to be filled.


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