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πŸ’³ Corporate flex platform updates procurement and payment offering
Desana introduced a new product called FlexPay into their suite for companies shifting towards Expand πŸ‘‡ flexible real estate strategies. In short, the platform will offer a single procurement agreement, centralize payments and offer a dashboard for contract management.
The easier it is for large firms to procure, pay for and manage their flex space contracts, the more utilization we could see across participating spaces.
πŸŽͺ Booking app for corporates expands into event-ing
Holly Farmer shares that Desana are launching ‘Desana Events’ to make event booking and management Expand πŸ‘‡ more streamlined for global orgs.
Given that the platform doesn’t own or run their own spaces, this should mean more event-based bookings via them for participating spaces in their network.
πŸ”­ How to predict which booking platforms to bet on
This week we saw Desana sponsor/power a RunningRemote session delving into distributed workplaces, Expand πŸ‘‡ targeted at remote-first or increasingly-remote companies.
I often get asked which booking platforms workspaces should invest their time, energy and commissions to create and manage listings on. My best piece of advice is to look for the platforms who are growing the reach of flex space, and therefor your listings and business.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ BBC digs into WNH coworking hubs across the UK
Dougal Shaw shares how coworking isn’t "going out of fashion" with highlights of UK local Expand πŸ‘‡ brands like Patch, ARC Club, Platform 9, Oru Space, and the Desana platform.
πŸ’° Firm pays $79M to drop 165k sqft of office space
Dropbox reported that they’re paying $79M to their landlord under a lease amendment for it’s HQ Expand πŸ‘‡ "whereby the company will surrender to the landlord 165,244 square feet of office space and pay an aggregate of $79 million."
The 3-tranche payment and move out definitely signaled to office market observers and insiders that firms are seriously assessing their office space liabilities. The move will save the firm $137M in rent and $90M in common area maintenance fees over the remaining 10-year lease.
What’s this got to do with coworking?! Well… for those keeping count that’s 148M reasons to make this move, and a very healthy budget for getting their employees into any/every coworking space they’d like to use. ICYMI: Dropbox is already giving their teams access to drop-in and other flex spaces through Desana.


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