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πŸ’· Brokerage’s flex deal count in 2024 already surpassed annual average
Matthew Fielden shares that Flex Office Solutions have already surpassed their average annual deal Expand πŸ‘‡ total, and it’s only week 10 of 52.
I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again, ignoring channels can often mean leaving money on the table. CRE and flex-focussed brokerages are starting to see and share a growing number of flex deals.
πŸ™ƒ When’s the last time you toured spaces as a broker would?
Christoph Fahle shared another good post earlier this week sharing 6 new observations about Expand πŸ‘‡ coworking and the options available to businesses after spending a couple of days touring spaces with One Coworking clients, like a broker would.
Seeing coworking through their eyes, he saw how important location is (vs building and concepts), the value of amenities like showers to decision-makers, the power of moments, when the flex experience starts, the per-desk sizing confusion and how flexible budgets actually are.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ London workspace consultancy launches flex-finding partnership
Oliver Cohen shares how workplace consultancy BELCOR have launched a flex workspace brokerage Expand πŸ‘‡ (called BELCORFLEX) led by Ollie Shields, who previously founded of Workable Offices.
πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Online brokerage launches in Japan, their hottest flex market
Office Hub launched in Japan, to service to what they’re calling "the hottest flex market Expand πŸ‘‡ they’ve even seen".
β˜‘οΈ Online brokerage adds KYC compliance as built-in feature
Ramon ten Tije shares (in Dutch) how flexado built in checks to make it easier for 4,500 locations Expand πŸ‘‡ to provide 10k companies with serviced addresses, while staying compliant with applicable regulations.
I’m 100% convinced we’ll see more and more compliance functionality and integrations across industry tech stacks. 110% actually.


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