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Discussions » 🎨 Gen AI set to generate up to $180B in value for real estate industry (🔗 Visit source)

Matt Fitzpatrick, Vaibhav Gujral, Ankit Kapoor, and Alex Wolkomir from McKinsey & Company, dig into how generative AI may change the real estate industry. They state that "based on work by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), we believe that gen AI could generate $110 billion to $180 billion or more in value for the real estate industry."

When digging into pivotal action RE firms can take to realize full value of gen AI, they touch heavily on the importance of data, especially new proprietary data. They also note tools that promote action and modern data-driven tech stacks. This friends, goes for coworking spaces who want to win in the AI-powered future we're racing towards. Have a read. Twice. And then let's discuss?

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