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This week we learn about excelling in a community manager role, what a CEO wants to achieve through the FWA, how to celebrate alumni members, a report on who US remote workers are, a strategic health partnership, coworking + resi growing in Europe, 5 new spaces in Nashville, a 10M round and more.
32 things you may have missed, including the mental health amenity every single space has, 6 myths assets managers get wrong, the rise of desk-less offices, flex space struggles in Luxembourg, big predictions in India, a potential $1.9B sale, franchise growth and more.
Here are 25 things you may have missed this week including record revenue reported, an invite to celebrate 25 years of coworking, a directory of diverse industry leaders, a superb snail-mail marketing hack, two new data sets, and more.
This week I share 37 non-Adam things you may have missed this week including viral bar content, a library of things, the USPS, being stuck in 1999, and more.

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