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Week 15, 2022

This week we explore if buildings can have souls, the office sector’s cataclysmic change, if architects suck at designing coworking spaces, see WeWork + Yardi partner up, see US flex demand soar up by 58%, a strategic investment tying up SaksWorks + Convene, a $30M investment into coworking in Tier II cities in India, and a prop dev in London doubling down on flex. And more. 

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Week 8, 2022

This week we see coliving ala Disney, data from 1M coworking packages, that neon sign debate, another aggregator integration partnership, Riveter’s rebirth, and more.

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Week 43, 2021

This week we saw a beer + coworking concept, a huge space goes online (in 2021), a major change in state policy, a lactation suites startup, and more.

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Week 32, 2021

Coworking could be a $13B industry by 2025, recap ICD, and watch industry media go bananas over some market moves on both sides of the world.

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